Monday, April 24, 2017

Mustangs come to Panola County

I hope you will visit the website of our new community magazine, Hills & Harvest. I recently submitted an article that they published online at  Here are a few more photos that were not on the site. Let's support this new business venture.  Go H&H!

Irene O'Conner of Smart Balance Equine, LLC., in Nesbit adopted a mustang mare that day.  You can visit her Facebook page for more information.  Here is her story.

Info on adoption
"Foxy a two-year-old BLM mustang mare gathered from Conger, Utah in July 2016. She will be available for adoption for $125 with a completed application to Bureau of Land Management once she completes all of her TIP requirements. Minimum requirements are to be caught, haltered, lead, groom, pick up all four feet, and load/unload from trailer. She is well on her way to meeting those plus some, and will make someone a nice mustang! I'm located in Nesbit, Miss. She's currently about 14.1 and still growing!"

Foxy Lady

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