Wednesday, April 27, 2016

On the Bookshelf

Beginning next month, I may add a sidebar that will feature books I'm currently reading. I'd love to get input from you on what you are reading.  Summertime means beach reading, late-night reading, well, anytime is good for reading in my book. (pun intended)

I did something lately that I rarely do. I re-read a book.  Not long after Jodi Picoult's book "Leaving Time," came out in 2014, I added it to my Kindle library.

I found it to be the most compelling read of recent years. I've never really quit thinking about the storyline.  Picoult's works are known to carry an underlying social theme. This book was true to form.

It had all elements necessary for me to be a great book........romance, adventure, animals, and pure human drama.

If you didn't read it, do it now.  Let it settle in. Then you will know why you need to re-read this work.