Sunday, December 27, 2015

Warmth at Christmas found outside and in

I am changing my winter background. It does not reflect our current weather conditions in Mississippi this year.  We have had temperatures in the 70s for days.  Plants are confused, the ground is saturated.  But we are very thankful to have been passed over by the tornado activity a few days ago that devastated areas of Holly Springs, 20 miles from us, and other nearby towns.  El Nino is wreaking havoc this year.
Howard and Cash in Black on an afternoon trek.  

My daughter and I were at the good old Tobie watching the newest installment of Star Wars when the weather sirens began to sound.  The manager came and told us to come out.  And it was right at the end!!!  Finally they quit sounding and we got to go back in and finish the movie.  It was great.

It was a little over a year ago that Howard and I climbed in the mule, the one with tires not the one with four feet and long ears, and rode around our land looking at the frozen splendor.

Moral:  We always fuss about the weather so it's really no big deal.  I'm especially thankful this year for my family and the thought of welcoming a new son-in-law soon.  Merry Christmas from Barr.

Garrett Hayes, Nathan Hayes, Jason Gibert, Riley Allen, Matt DeMuth;
Janice Gibert, Hayley Hayes, Howard Patterson, Olivia Patterson, me (this is what you look
like when you set the camera timer, jump off the ladder and land on the couch just as
the shutter snaps; Bella Hayes and Caroline Gibert. 

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