Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summertime reading, two new books out today

I've been promising a blog about summer reading, and here it is. Today I'm so excited because two of my favorite authors have books hitting the book stores or the eBook airways today. These are the kind of books made for summer—the kind that are not too lofty but still bring a tear and a few good laughs. They are about everyday people.

First is Claire Cook's Time Flies.  If you aren't familiar with Claire, she is the author of the book that inspired the movie Must Love Dogs. I've read all her works and they are a hoot.  She lets you laugh, but always teaches you something you don know. Check out her page at clairecook.com.  Here is the info on the book from her page:

Years ago, Melanie followed her husband, Kurt, from the New England beach town where their two young sons were thriving to the suburbs of Atlanta. She’s carved out a life as a successful metal sculptor, but when Kurt leaves her for another woman, having the tools to cut up their marriage bed is small consolation. She’s old enough to know that high school reunions are often a big disappointment, but when her best friend makes her buy a ticket and an old flame gets in touch to see whether she’ll be going, she fantasizes that returning to her past might help her find her future…until her driving phobia resurfaces and threatens to hold her back from the adventure of a lifetime.
Time Flies is an epic road trip filled with fun, heartbreak, and friendship, and explores what it takes to conquer your worst fears…so you can start living your future.

My new favorite summertime author is Dorothea Benton Frank (http://www.dotfrank.com.) She is the author of the bestselling Porch Lights, which I am reading now.  Here's the scoop on The Last Original Wife. 

Leslie Anne Greene Carter is The Last Original Wife among her husband Wesley’s wildly successful Atlanta social set. His cronies have all traded in the mothers of their children they promised to love and cherish—’til death did them part—for tanned and toned young Barbie brides.If losing the social life and close friends she adored wasn’t painful enough, a series of setbacks shake Les’s world and push her to the edge. She’s had enough of playing the good wife to a husband who thinks he’s doing her a favor by keeping her around. She takes some time for herself—in the familiar comforts and stunning beauty of Charleston. In her brother’s stately historic home, she’s going to reclaim the carefree girl who spent lazy summers sharing steamy kisses with her first love on Sullivans Island. Daring to listen to her inner voice, she will realize what she wants . . . and find the life of which she’s always dreamed.

I'm sure there is something to learn from this work too. In Porch Lights, one of the main characters is an big fan of Edgar Allan Poe and drops little tidbits about the mysterious writer that we did not know. 

In case you think I have resorted to reading only light summertime work, I have also been reading some Hemingway. I think I'll feature Hemingway quotes the rest of the month of June.

I asked you what you were reading and only got two responses.  Are you reading?  Here they are:

From Kara: The Other Bolyn Girl by Phillpia Gregory is one of the best books I've read in a long time! Also Pillars of the Earth and World Without End by Ken Follet are wonderful! 

From Terry: CANINE REPRODUCTION AND WHELPING~A Dog Breeder's Guide by Myra Savant-Harris R.N.(2005)
PUPPY INTENSIVE CARE~A Breeder's Guide to Care of Newborn Puppies (30 min. DVD included)(2006)

Each book is a "A Dogwise Manual"published by Dogwise publishing. (Terry has two litters of Collie pups.  LOL)

Quote for the day:  “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”  Ernest Hemingway

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  1. I have read Dorothea Benton Frank's Folly Beach. Am now re-reading The Fruit of Stone by Mark Spragg. It has cowboys in it and he has a flair for detailed description. I think you would like it.