Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cleaning Out the Closet

I think I may have written a blog before about how my children have left me with the memories of their childhoods in the form of letter jackets, horse equipment, photos, you name it.  I made one final attempt to clean out Olivia's closet before it was ransacked by the grandchildren.  I, too, had a hard time throwing out some of her things.  So, I made a quilt.

She had taken the blue ribbons from her horse show days and left me with some of the lesser places. We fought hard for some of those reds and yellows.  So, they made a block against one of her bandanas.

The same held true for the collars from her English shirts. If they look dirty, they aren't, just permanently stained. For those of you who don't show horses, just imagine putting on a prom dress and being told to go out in an arena of sand and dust and not get dirty.  Hard to do.  These collars are wearing second-hand dirt since we got them at a consignment shop in Germantown that carried English tack.  She wore them when she was about 12 or so.  Same goes for the pockets.

The quilt is not comprised of only riding apparel. You must know that this girl is a T-shirt hoarder. So I got the rejects.  They were still neat shirts—4-H Regional Show (well, that's more horse stuff), a handkerchief from her mission trip with World Changers at church, T-shirts from her senior proms, a junior high Blue Mountain basketball shirt.

She's probably not thrilled that I'm sharing all this.  MORAL OF STORY:  If you leave it here long enough, it will end up in a quilt.

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