Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Camper

I am a happy camper...well, not yet, but plan to be soon.  Can you believe we got a camper?  A used one, but a camper.  Is that a sign of old age?  

A couple of weeks ago we stopped in at the RV Expo in Southaven. There were couples going in and out of these campers like ants. I didn't see a man without gray hair. The women, of course, had a little help. There were the small pull behinds, fifth-wheels and then the million dollar motor homes. We didn't even go in one.  We could see one across the way with its lighted porch and glowing fireplace. Please!

According to an article in USA TodayRVs beckon baby boomers despite fuel costs—( "as baby boomers age, they clearly want more than their parents had," said Mike Schneider, president of Affinity, owner of RV-related clubs and publications. "Their parents were do-it-yourselfers. They're (the boomers) the do-it-for-me generation."

Here are some more numbers.

8 million = Number of U.S. households that own at least one RV

400,000 = Number of RVs sold in record-setting 2006

58% = Increase in RV ownership since 1980

49 = Average age of an RV owner

4,500 = Average number of miles an RV travels a year

Let me tell you, some of those stats don't hold true for this household. We bought a used model after shopping, looking, internet searching. It suits us fine. My hubby says it can't go farther than Grenada.  That's not because of gas prices or stability of the towing vehicle, it's because he thinks his fishing holes run out at Grenada.

Mind you, I'm not a camp-and-sleep-in-a-tent-on-the-ground kind of girl.  I want air conditioning, a radio, a tv and a tub.  I think we have that covered. While he is fishing I can read and may even pack my sewing machine along in case I have an emergency need to quilt.

Speaking of quilts....I love our camper but wasn't wild about the upholstery even though it is in great shape. I covered it with quilts.  I bought camper fabric to do the pillows.

I may be getting a little retro here.  Maybe he will let me put a peace sign on the side. Sing it Willie!  "On the road again.......

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