Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mayfair in Senatobia

My Mother's Day gift from the girls was supposed to be a stroll through Gabbert Park in Senatobia and then lunch. One daughter was sick, so Olivia and I went by ourselves.

It is always so refreshing to see something in town that provides a shot in the arm for community spirit.

Local artists and craftsmen were there along with other vendors who were sharing information from their booths. Children played in the bouncy things and walked around the park. Food vendors made you think you were at the old Mid-South Fair.

After allowing time for the other sister to recover, we regrouped and all went to Coleman's BBQ.  What could be more Senatobia?

I still believe I live in the best small town in America.

Senatobia Potter Lane Tutor and wife Susan displayed his wares at the Tutor Pottery booth. (below, left)

Providing musical entertainment was the Northwest Steel Drum Band (bottom pic) under the direction of John Ungurait (center).

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