Thursday, April 5, 2012

Book Talk

I am happy to report that I've just finished Julie Cantrell's novel "Into the Free." I downloaded it on my iPad so I could keep reading in the dark.  It was wonderfully moving and inspiring.  And Julie is from Oxford!  Check it out if you need a good book.

In other book news, I just started Susan Wilson's "One Good Dog."  I just started it, and like it already. I have to hurry and finish it so I can get her newly-released book, "The Dog Who Danced."

Do you see a common thread running through my reading material?  Dogs, horses, dogs......Maybe you need to send me some suggestions.


  1. Thanks so much for reading my debut novel and for sharing it with others. I'm truly honored. Have a wonderful Easter! julie

  2. Your first novel was so good we really have something to look forward to in the next.

  3. Upon your recommendation, I just read, "Into the Free" - LOVED it! Thanks for the tip.