Sunday, January 1, 2012

Afternoon in Barr

What a perfect New Year's Day!  Church in my beautiful small town with my husband, an afternoon nap, a new sewing project, and then a ride through the woods on the mule (not the four-legged kind) with Howard to see the geese on our pond. It is coming back to life after being drained this past summer.  I am so blessed to live on this piece of land.  Cash couldn't resist going and barking at them. Loving this beautiful, mild weather in January.  I hope I can stay organized, keep my house clean, have wonderful parties, enjoy my children and grandchildren, work with my dogs, make my sewing projects look better on the back side as well as the front, and be an all-around better person in 2012.  That's a tall order, but I have high hopes.

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