Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crocs and Lipstick

I did something today I have never done before. Let's say I never dreamed I would do it. I went to Wal-Mart shopping, wearing my Crocs!  And they aren't even Crocs, they are knock-offs that Howard bought me at Trade Days last June. They have chew marks from Evil Ellie, who also removed the straps. They are accented by white paint on the toe of the right one.

Nothing makes me happier than pretty clothes. I have pretty clothes, still buy pretty clothes, so why am I wearing worn jeans and Crocs?  Beverly at Upstairs Closet, if you are reading this, all I can say is that I don't wear my Beverly clothes with my Crocs. Does this sound like flawed thinking.

I always said that if I wasn't at work, I would still do my hair, make-up and look decent. I did that on weekends for years unless we were doing something really messy, like working cows.  Glad those days are over.

But since I've retired, I've begun to resent the time it takes to do my hair, etc, when I could be quilting, playing with dogs or reading—the important stuff.   Don't get me wrong.  I'm not a total slob. I usually find time to brush my hair, put on jeans and a semi-decent shirt, and always......LIPSTICK.

My children have laughed for years about my addiction to lipstick. I don't think I wear too much, but naked lips and naked toes are not pretty, unless you are a guy.  My children say, "You can tell which drink is Mama's, the one with the lipstick," or "Ha, ha, ha, Look, Mama got lipstick on her sandwich," or "Mama, do you get lipstick on potato chips?"  They think they are so funny.

According to Gwyneth Paltrow, "Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick."  I love it!

But back to the beauty routine or lack thereof.  I don't know how I ever got to work. Out of the bed at 6, get Diet Coke, in the tub at 6:15, dry hair by  6:30, etc. I don't have it down to an exact science anymore, and it takes longer.

Maybe there is more to do considering that I'm aging.  Uggggghhhh. If we do what we are supposed to do we would wake up and begin brushing, flossing, tweezing, shaving, moisturizing, medicating, stretching, etc.  All for what?  By the time we do all that, there is no time to do anything else.

I'm also having trouble getting my eyeliner on straight. NO BODY TOLD ME THIS WOULD HAPPEN!  So if you see me at Wal-Mart and I'm in fake Crocs and my eyeliner is a little crooked, just smile.  Another thing about this particular chapter in my life is that, "I don't care.  HA!"  But I will, indeed, have on lipstick.


  1. I love this one.
    You do leave lipstick marks on everything, but that's just you. You have never looked out of sorts or messy. I am proud that you are my mother. You are very classy in very way. Love you!

  2. Awww. You made me cry and it messed up my bad eyeliner.

  3. Nancy, you will always be beautiful, no matter what. You have been ever since you were a little girl, and will be forever. It's not the crocs or the eyeliner or any other externals, altho I do agree with you about lipstick, and blusher, too. You are and always have been a beautiful person on the inside where it really counts. Altho I still remember the pink jeans outfit that you had for rodeos. That truly was the bee's knees. Rainey

  4. You made my day. Love you so much.

  5. Oh I love this post Ms Nancy! If only I had learned the motto "naked lips and make toes are never pretty, unless you are a man" earlier in life. I regularly find myself (even at church) with both!! And, I never know which glass is mine to boot!