Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Marathon quilting session leads to needed intervention

Abby and the marathon quilt
Readers and advertisers, I am so sorry I have been absent for several days.  As the off the mark cartoon suggests, I do, indeed, need a quilting intervention.

I had three days to finish my dear little friend Abby's quilt for her shower. I sewed nine hours one afternoon and into the night.  The reason—fabric I ordered in plenty of time for a leisurely quilting experience went to a Nancy Patterson in Windham, ME.  The company then recut it and sent it out express delivery. It missed the deadline by two days. Fabric was sitting in a post office in California.

After all the late night sewing, it was worth it.  Abby loved her quilt.  I have sworn off sewing for at least a week or until my neck will let my head move again—whichever comes first. 

As for future posts, my dear sister-in-law suggested that we talk about the origins of expressions.  Send me some of the sayings that your parents, grandparents or friends have used over the years, and I'll see what I can find out about their origins.

All I know is that today with the snow it was "cold as flugens."  We'll talk about that one tomorrow.

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