Friday, December 16, 2011

It's A Dog's Life

Everybody loves dogs. Maybe I should say most people love dogs....dogs that play ball in the back yard, swim in the pond, get dirty and point a quail or retrieve a duck.  

I'm at a four-day AKC show at the trade mart of the fairgrounds in Jackson, Miss.  It is co-sponsored by the Brandon Kennel Club of Mississippi and the Mississippi State Kennel Club.

If you haven't seen the grooming area of a dog show, take a tour with me.  While some of these dogs are also pets, most live a different lifestyle.

Although I don't show, I have traveled with one of my BFFs the past two years to shows in Jackson, Tupelo, Franklin, Tenn,; to visit her breeder in Middle Tennessee; and to a herding trial in Kentucky.

In my career in public relations I often went backstage at the beauty pageants to get pics of the girls and their stage moms in their frenzied dressing rituals, teasing hair, applying make up, taping certain unmentionable things and all this done in an aerosol haze of product spray.  The grooming area at a dog show is no different except the dogs behave better than the girls.

So let's take a look at some of the breeds represented at this show.

(Top photo)  A male Chow Cow lets you get a look at his characteristic blue-black tongue.

Bichon Frises basically a curly white lap dog, gets a last minute touchup. (left)

This is a Kerry Blue Terrier, a breed of dog from Tipperary in South Central Ireland, Many uses for the breed include rodent control, herding, and guard dog. (below left)

A Brussels Griffon returns to his crate after his time in the ring. (second blow)

A female Tri-Colored Rough Collie gets a dental exam before her class by handler Kim Christopher.  Dogs, just like humans need to have their teeth checked regularly. (below left) 

This Bouvier des Flandres gives his owner an affectionate kiss.

These are just a few of the beautiful animals at the show. You still have time to check out the show on the fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday.

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