Thursday, October 27, 2011

Out of the Zone

None of us like being pushed out of our comfort zone.  I am the worst.  When we got instructions from our Loose Threads Guild leaders that we were going to do this Christmas Nine-Patch quilt, I thought, "Ya'll go right ahead.  I'd just do some more big rectangle-strip-easy quilts."  But no, we all did our versions of this quilt. I worked on it a little at a time for weeks.  I was uninspired.  Around the end of September, it started taking shape.
When I brought it home from Cotton Treasures where Chantay Rhone quilted the pieced top and back together, I was glad I'd been pushed.  I may have a few little Christmas projects, but basically my quilting projects are leaving the dining table, where they have been taking up space for months, and going back in the storage bins. Howard is glad. I'm sure they will come back out when the holidays are over.
The next time I turn my nose up at a suggested pattern, I'll just go look at my bed.

(A Loose Threads Guild project, quilted by Chantay Rhone, and pieced by me.)

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