Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Obedience Class No. 3

I really don't have much to report from last night's lesson. Cash was totally distracted and somewhat uncooperative. He did pretty good on the moving commands.....turn left, turn right, about turn. As long as he was moving, he was happy.

He really struggled with sit and down. I know how he feels. I have trouble sitting, myself.

Leave me in a chair for an hour, and I start wiggling. After an hour I'm tapping my foot and looking around for someone who can release me. It goes downhill fast from there.

But, back to the lesson. There was a cute little white, male poodle, who kept challenging him.

"Grrrrrr," said the poodle. Cash looked at him like, "Seriously, do you really want to fight?" The poodle looked around the dog between us and said, "grrrrrr.”

Cash wagged his tail and refused to sit.

I guess that's progress because my shoulder doesn't hurt as bad as it did last week. More work to do before the next lesson.
Sit, please!!!

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