Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Missing Patches

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."—Leonardo Da Vinci

Last night when I returned from obedience practice, I found our little calico cat lying in the grass, dead—the big lab sitting over her.  At first I thought maybe he had contributed to her demise, but on closer examination and considering that she was nearing her 18th birthday, I think different.

Daddy got Patches from Ralph Pinner in 1994 when he had Prestige Feed near the Senatobia Animal Hospital.   She was to be a barn cat. When Daddy had to have some 
Olivia and Patches in a painting by Robbie Boyd

minor surgery and couldn't get out everyday to feed her, I brought her here and never gave her back.

She was precious, polite, and incredibly sweet. My daughter Olivia was especially fond of her. Her Aunt Robbie painted her portrait with Patches. I know she was just a little cat, but we will miss her. 

I believe animals are God's gift to us and they are to be loved and enjoyed.  I can't keep from looking at the back door where she sat every night, looking in the window, and meowing quietly.

Bella and Patches


  1. From Terry Pegram:

    Every time we lose one of our precious furry family members it is so sad for us. I've had my heart broken many times by loss. I, like you, truly LOVE my animals. But looking back over the years of joy and tears, I wouldn't change a thing. I am so sorry for your loss. Belle sends Therapy dog kisses....and Im sure that Patches is sunning herself right now in some window sill reserved for the Princess of Calico cats at the R B Bridge.

  2. Thanks Jackie and Emmett Collinsworth. I never got a sympathy card for an animal. Only an animal lover would do something so nice.