Friday, June 11, 2010

Retirement—Adventure Begins

Look at my picture. Do you see me smiling? I never knew I could have so much fun. Talk about mixed blessings. I worked in a place and at a job that I dearly loved. Health issues forced me to come home. I'm having so much fun I don't have time to feel bad!

Today I went back for the second day to a dog show with one of my dearest friends. You have to understand, as a former equestrienne and horse show person, it is a little dangerous for me to be around people competing with animals. I love looking at the over-priced wares of the vendors. (I bought a pair of Silky terrier earrings!) My husband said it was a little strange to have little yappy dog heads hanging from my ears. I love all the dog equipment and gadgets.

I loved looking at the different breeds and watching the techniques of the handlers and owners. I will go to as many dog shows as I can. Better than horse shows, not so hot, no dust, no hauling a trailer. Dogs could bite you, but they can't step on your foot or knock you over or throw you or make you wonder why you are in this expensive, frustrating, business in the first place.

But I still feel a twinge of wanting one. Anyway, back to the retirement fun.This week holds the promise of dinner with friends, a quilting lesson, another dog adventure, lunch in a tea room in a small rural community and not setting my alarm clock.

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